Started from The Istmo Now She’s Here Our interview with Ana Hernandez, whose artwork traces her Istmeña roots


Last week we went to visit a unique and beautiful exhibition featuring the work of Oaxacan Artist Ana Hernandez. Ana is from the Istmo de Tehuantepec and much of her work seeks to trace and explore her roots to that region. She also makes use of various materials in interesting ways, such as the following map of the Istmo created out of corn cobs, an important food staple in the region (and in Mexico more generally).

At the top of this article is a video our interview with Ana, where she shows us some of her pieces and explains the process and meaning behind them (in Spanish). It should be noted that Ana’s work has gained commercial recognition, and many of the pieces you see here have already been sold. Her exhibition in Oaxaca’s downtown Quetzalli gallery ended May 31, but you can find out more about her work here




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