La Mano Mágica

credits: Jonathan García
La Mano Mágica was founded in 1987 is located on the pedestrian walk of the Oaxacan capital. This is an area where popular and contemporary art blend together in creative way. The founders of the gallery, Arnulfo Mendoza and Mary Jane Gagnier have been important figures in the promotion of art since the 1980s. Today the project preserves the same essence, with Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier as the new director, advised by Mary Jane Gagnier and Nancy Mayagoitia, founder of Galeria Arte de Oaxaca.
Among the 304 artists with whom the gallery covers a rich variety of styles, techniques and formats, the prominent outstanding Oaxaqueños like Rufino Tamayo, Rodolfo Morales, Francisco Toledo, Felipe Morales, Arnulfo Mendoza, Maximino Javier, Alejandro Santiago, among many other Oaxacan artists. The Mano Mágica has had works by artists from other states and abroad such as Ismael Vargas, Mario Martin del Campo, Miriam Ladrón de Guevara, Javier Arévalo, Charles Barth (USA), Edwin Rojas (Chile), Carlos Mérida (Guatemala), Shinzaburo Takeda (Japan ).
Representing the genre of popular art  the gallery has art from great masters like, pottery from Alfonso Castillo Orta and his family, Guillermina Aguilar, Josefina Aguilar and her family, tapestries by Arnulfo Mendoza and family, carved wood (alebrijes) by María Jiménez, Adrián Xuana, Gabino Reyes, Moisés Jiménez and more. Each of them are unique for their own style. The gallery is close to the theme of signature art, which refers to the fact that a large part of the work on display will not lose its value, or even increase over time! What are these factors due to? Firstly, they are artists and artisans. They have an extensive curriculum awards, museum exhibitions, auctions, documentaries, representation at art fairs, television programs, exhibitions in prestigious galleries and public art. Their  work has  been captured for posterity with bibliograreferences, various catalogs, art books, book illustrations, books by great masters, thesis among other documents.
All of these outstanding facts can be seen in the resumes of our artists whose career paths span decades of achievement in the medium and an unlimited passion to live for the art they create. Our company is committed to all the families of artists and artisans that are part of La Mano Mágica, so now in this contingency we publicize their work through our social networks, where you can acquire them and at the same time contribute to their income during these difficult times . The Mano Mágica has more than thirty years of experience in packaging art work. We ship national and international . For more information:
📍 Macedonio Alcalá #203, Centro Histórico,
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, 68000
📞 Teléfono: (951) 51 6 42 75
WhatsApp: (951) 233 52 67


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