Road Essence

by jhonathan Garcia

Every man's life is a path towards himself, the essay of a path, the sketch of a path. (Hermann Hesse)


The elements that integrate this exhibition can be comparable to flowers, fruits, animals, streams, trees of all kinds, people walking, wind, falling leaves, rain, fire, obstacles, physical blows, injuries ... key elements found on a path. Expected and unexpected forms, lives, conditions and objects.


This audiovisual tour shows a trajectory, in which the essence of Lohan Figueroa is captured.


Visions from Oaxaca (everything that has been, is, and can become for the artist) its diversity, the stages of life. The influence of the steps taken in the travels of recent years, Colombia, USA, Cuba, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, pieces of the world seen in scenes, which are translated for his work in style, technique and fusion.

From the minimalist style drawings, where the atmosphere of moments is portrayed, the ceramic pieces where the passion and innocence of animal forms that evoke childhood are fused; the organic works of sculptures using bronze, the use of noble metals where the details and precious stones for jewelry such as the Colombian emerald stand out; as well as painting that has been present in his life from an early age. And performance, where you can combine disciplines such as aerobatics and contemporary dance, a stage for movement, rhythm and the emotions of life.


Everything constitutes a small portion of what inhabits the soul, mind and body of the artist through the different works in which he has ventured.


You have been invited to look through your own eye glasses, pieces of his path to this day.


Itzel Caamal

December, 2019

Iohan the artist


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