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Homeopathy in Oaxaca

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Homeopathy is a natural art and science of health maintenance. This method is based on the scientific study and observation of natural laws afecting human health and illness. The highest aim of homeopathic physicians is to cure the patient by restoring the particualr balance of vital functions and sensations enabling individuals to reach their fullest potentials.

One of the foundations of Homeopathy is the “Law of Similars”, also known as the concept of “likes cure likes”. In practical terms, this principle tells us that the ability of a drug to produce certain series of morbid symptoms, renders it capable of stimulating an ill person´s vital force in order to cure similar series of symptoms.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755- 1843) was the pioneer medical doctor who sistematically applied the law of similars in the development of the homeopathic method. By directly experimenting and recording the series of symptoms that individual drugs can produce in healthy persons, Hahnemmann and his followers discovered the pathogenesis of hundreds and later thousands of homeopathic remedies; and wisely applied these remedies to cure similar symptoms in their patients.

The practice of Classical or Unicist homeopathy involves a detailed case-taking where the patient tells of his or her present symptoms, thoughts and feelings and the past history wich has lead up to the present reason for consulting the homeopath. After carfully listening to and recording what the patient says, the homeopath examines the case carefully and interviews the patient to clarify the particularities of the most relevant symptoms.

The physical examination is also part of the consultation, as it helps to find more homeopathyc symptoms necesary for the diagnosis. After the case-taking the homeopath knows the totality of symptoms affecting his patient, and finally by comparing the patient´s symptoms to the pathogenesis found in the ‘materia medica’ the homeopathic doctor selects the single remedy, dosage and potency that is most similar to, and best suited for each patient.

In case you are interested in recieving a homepathic consultation, and if you are wondering about where can you find a bilingual medical practicioner and midwife specialized in classical homeopathy; Maria Georgina Amador Gambrill has recently opened her office in Morelos 900, interior 101, between 5 de mayo and Reforma; Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez. Land line: 951-5140870 Cell phone: 951-2400607. Or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The opening hours are Monday through Friday 2 pm to 6 pm (with prior appointment).

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