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I am honoured and feel it my duty to tell you a most beautiful and inspiring story which involves the beautiful town of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. 45 years ago this year (1971) it was the location of the drowning of 3-year-old Kelly Shortt from Ireland. Kelly was my oldest brother. He was the son of Frank Shortt in Ireland who also has a very interesting history if you wish to google his name so to add some extra storylines to this article. Kelly is also the son of Sally Shortt and both Sally and Frank are pictured with Kelly in Mexico in the pictures included in this email. He was found in a rock pool on a beach in Puerto Escondido on 27th March 1971, he was unconscious and my mother failed to revive him with CPR and he lost his life that day on the beach. It's truly a sad story, however, I decided to bring my own daughter Abbi of similar age to visit this very important town and location for our family and to pay our respects and remember my fallen brother whom I never met, and Abbi wanted to pay her respects to her Uncle also. It was our first time there in Puerto Escondido and we stayed at Posada Real hotel for 1 week and traveled some of Oaxaca, it's truly beautiful there and so laid back, almost too pure a place on this Earth to lose such a lovely little boy.

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