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Since 1988, the Oaxaca Times has been connecting English tourists and locals with the culture of Oaxaca. From restaurant reviews to news and upcoming events, the Oaxaca Times is designed to help you enjoy this fabulous city. Need an apartment? Check out our classifieds.


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In recent years, Oaxaca has been gaining more and more popularity from people all over the world because gives the opportunity to make excellent investments due to its cost of living, vast culture, exquisite and mouthwatering gastronomy, breathtaking landscapes, relaxing beaches, weather, safety, multicultural environment, charming and friendly people. As a result more people from Mexico and different parts of the world are either choosing Oaxaca to live, invest or planning a vacation here.

Intrepid expats had begun trickling into this amazing and colorful city. They had founding a pretty colonial town, miles of golden-sand beaches, a Mexican climate tempered by offshore ocean currents and the mountain terrain to make it spring-like year round; and incredibly low cost of living. Across Oaxaca, you will find expats living comfortably on as little as $1,000 a month if they own their own home and rentals also remain affordable-count on paying around $600 for a two bedroom apartment. For many, a Social Security check is more than enough to live well on. Among other things, you also will save big on healthcare here, with doctor’s visits costing $35 on average.

So good is the lifestyle in Oaxaca that the expats retirees had found here that they could not keep it to themselves for long. Now thousands of expats from all over the world happily call Oaxaca home. If you decide to join them, you will find an established and welcoming community eager to help you settle in.


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SILMÉXICO´ strongest points is the fact that we have gathered the tools to help foreigners to invest, buy or rent a property in Mexico. We guide our client throughout the whole process, explaining the steps to follow, give our advice and make sure there are no problems unsolved along the way. Part of our team speak English and/or French, just in case you need a translator or to feel more comfortable in your native language.

Being led by the experienced and visionary Dolores Perez Islas, General Director, in SILMÉXICO we believe in giving our clients real solutions and helping them to decide where to invest. No matter what you are looking for or where you are from, we will gladly aid you and give you the best attention possible. Visit us for further information at our office located in: 5 de Mayo street #217 interior 11 in Downtown. Also, check our website: www.silmexico.com or give us a call at (01) 951 515 8957 or (01) 951 295 6372. Finally, check out our company in Belize: www.silbelize.com

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