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Are you looking for an authentically guided tour that will take you to the magical and mysterious archaeological sites surrounding the city of Oaxaca? Mr. Sebastian Chino Pena is an extraodinary guide who will bring out the history and beauty of Oaxacas’ central valley. Naturally, he provides a unique experience that will take you back 100’s of years in time and history. Mr. Chino is the owner and operator of his profesional Company called CHINO TOURS and offers private luxary tours. He speaks English very well and is proud to share the history of these sites. CHINO TOURS offers tours to unique places not visited by other companies. His cultural tours last approximately 6 to 7 hours.

CHINO TOURS depart from Oaxaca and take you on an unforgettable journey back into Pre-hispanic time and history. Mr. Chino will bring you to the Yagul National Monument which has been declared one of the country's four Natural Monuments.

Yagul is one of the most studied archaeological sites in this zone. About 30 tombs have been found at Yagul, sometimes located in pairs. A few of these bear hieroglyphic inscriptions. Visit the triple tomb and Climb to the top of the fortress! From here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the marvoulous landscapes . You will see many tombs here and feel the powerful energy of this sacred ground. When you reach the highest point, you will be amazed to see the valley of Tlaclula and Diaz Ordaz! Here you will discover more tombs along with the famous Ballcourt and Palace of the Six Patios. Another noted destination is the remarkable site of Lambiyeco. You will be offered the experience to admire the physiognomy of the Zapotecos! Your eyes will be marveled to see the different tombs and impressively designed sculptures. The tour will pass through Tlacolula where the majority of inhabitants speak Zapotec. It is recognized for its colorful Sunday market which is the oldest, largest and busiest in Oaxaca! You will also visit the Historical Tube Organ. Here, everything shines like gold! You will be mesmorized by The Chapel of mirrors and martyrs. Your ears will be Delighted to hear the historical tube organ and marvel at the architecture of the church. Your mouth will surely drop as you enter this beautiful structure! You will venture to the City of quarries and admire the beautiful red clay. The mysterious painted caves are sure to leave you in awe! According to conducted research, these sites go back to 8000 BC. They were painted using a mix of plant and animal matter combined with mineral powders. To top off your adventure, you will be able to relax and enjoy Oaxaca´s famous Mezcal! It is a drink of amazing variety and complexity which is handcrafted in Oaxacan villages. The artisanal production ensures that each batch has its own unique flavor. Along with the amazing varieties and flavors of Mezcal, don´t let the opportunity pass you by without tasting the rich flavors and varieties of traditional ice-cream that is created by the sweetness of natural fruits from the Oaxacan Valley.

Mr. Sebastian Chino is sure to help you create an unforgettable impression of Oaxaca´s stunning Archaeological Zones in your memory. CHINO TOURS provides an an adventure of a lifetime!

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